AQUA started as an ambitious idea to promoting the economy and foot traffic in
up-and-coming neighborhoods. As the business flourish our efforts has been successfully supported by the same community we love, and it has been a wonderful journey as we strive to provide the highest level
of service to our supporters.


Aqua is your go-to massage headquarters. With endless modalities and customizations, we have thousands of spa and wellness locations for your next massage.


Through various yoga modalities ranging from bikram yoga (also known as hot yoga), to power yoga, ashtanga yoga, and prenatal yoga, yoga has many healthy benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. Originating in ancient India, the word yoga means to unite or to join, and in yoga, we unite our minds and our bodies through breath.


Known for its ability to remove toxins from the body and increase energy, oil pulling also has tremendous beauty benefits! Routinely pulling oil can help to clear skin and more notably, remove bacteria from the mouth and even whiten teeth

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Jessica Doe

Massage man

I have been licensed for 14 years.
I have worked at Aqua Spa for 14 years.
Pedicure, Manicure, Shellac, Acrylic Nail, Waxing

Brandon Gibson

Yoga teacher

I have been licensed for 12 years.
Nice, clean, friendly, relaxing environment. Good rate,
flexible hours

Georgie White

Nail Staff

Certified in Hatha Yoga, Tara offers a fusion of different styles she has learned over the years, and blends tradition with the physiology of the body.