AQUA started as an ambitious idea to promoting the economy and foot traffic in
up-and-coming neighborhoods. As the business flourish our efforts has been successfully supported by the same community we love, and it has been a wonderful journey as we strive to provide the highest level
of service to our supporters.
* * *
Blooming in the in the harsh conditions of rocky hills, Lilac flowers are beautiful and fragrant; a perfect symbol for New York dwellers who faces and overcomes challenges everyday.


Jessica Doe

Massage man

I have been licensed for 14 years.
I have worked at Aqua Spa for 14 years.
Pedicure, Manicure, Shellac, Acrylic Nail, Waxing

Brandon Gibson

Yoga teacher

I have been licensed for 12 years.
Nice, clean, friendly, relaxing environment. Good rate,
flexible hours

Georgie White

Nail Staff

Certified in Hatha Yoga, Tara offers a fusion of different styles she has learned over the years, and blends tradition with the physiology of the body.

SALE 30%

for masagefoot

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